Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Simple Things

Today I volunteered at the Children's Hospital in the Oncology playroom. This is very humbling. I met some really great kiddos who were so full of life and had such great little spirits. Jose was my talkative one he just wanted to tell me everything and loves to do craft projects. We made a Turkey and a Tree of Life it was really cute watching him get excited over putting it all together. And guess what.... He loves GLITTER! Really he would paint his hospital room in glitter if he could. After we put the glitter touch on everything we had sometime to just talk. I asked him if he was excited about Christmas and he said "no, because I will be here and Santa does not know I'm here". I let him know Santa ALWAYS knows where your at. So we decided to write a Christmas list for Santa.

I took it with me so I could mail it to the North Pole for him!!! I also got to meet the sweetest little two year old. It was the little things that got her excited like waiving at everybody as they walked past the glass doors and she loved to give me something her dad called"wing" It was a  high five! Loved it!!! You have got to have a lot of admiration for these little ones parents they keep such braves faces for the kids when you know deep inside each shot or the next chemo their baby is going to have it is always on their mind! The parents of the two year old were very young. I cannot imagine handling that at this age let alone when I was younger. They were awesome with her! I came home with a lot more than what I left with. I am lucky that my kids are healthy and do not have any type of sicknesses. I have got to stop obsessing about the little things that go wrong in my life with them and APPRECIATE everything I do have.....You are not promised a tomorrow.

Go Volunteer today!

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