Sunday, November 7, 2010

World Of Blogging

"Blogging is therapeutic"! This is what I was told that made me think I definitely need to do this. Thanks Michele!

Where to begin well as you can tell from my blog name we are the Manley family and well were quirky. Not quirky in a "We hide out in the house and eat soap chips kinda way" but we do things differently or maybe I just do. I have 2 beautiful kids, I know everyone thinks there kids are beautiful but, really mine are. Meghan is my 16 year old and she is obsessed with clothes and her hair & Dade is 4 yes, 4 where does the time go I remember counting down the days until he was here and now he's 4! He is easy loves cars, trains, bugs, dirt, and anything sports! I am not the perfect parent and most of the time I learn as I go but, my kids are very "what you see is what you get"! This could be good and bad at times. I have been married for 8 years to Durwood. He is such an amazing father, step-father, & husband.. no really AMAZING! I am very lucky to have been blessed with the family I have. They make me crazy but I would not trade any of them for the world! 

So I started this by stating we were quirky well here are a few examples
*Note none of us are certifiably crazy!

1.) I am OBSESSED with Ladybugs and Daisy..
2.) I hate ANYTHING sticky If I see sticky things I feel like I cannot breathe. My kids ate suckers and Popsicles in the tub when they were little.
3.) My favorite number is FOUR. I look at the clock everyday at 4:44.
4.) I almost did not name my son Dade ( a name I have loved since '94) because I could not get his name to contain 18 letters like everyone else in the family. Finally changed my mind after I figured out his initials were DSM ) Durwood, Shelly, Meghan) Neat huh!!!
5.) I have always been known as the funny one. I will make a joke in the most inappropriate time then be like " eewww maybe I should not have said that"
6.) I Do not fly.
7.) When I was growing up all I wanted to do was marry a Mob Boss. Wow what a goal!
8.) I am infatuated with Henry the VII and and books about dysfunctional families. I somehow connect with them.

I guess some of these would not be considered quirks but believe me I have way more than these!

Here are those gorgeous kiddo's

and below is Durwood and his twin!

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  1. That's an awesome first post! I love your background--the ladybugs are perfect for you. I also like your list of quirks, it's why we love you! Welcome to the blogosphere. I promise it really is theraputic ;)